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Leonardo DiCaprio & Meryl Streep
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Manhattan, New York City. January 2014.
Looking like Gotham.
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important psa about buns

We raised rabbits when I was a child and my sister gave a rabbit a bath (she was 5) and it died..so heed this instruction.

I wasn’t going to reblog this, but then I realized I might save a rabbit.

Saving the rabbits.

Be kind to your animals!
(Also, the x-phile in me is screaming because apparently someone named their rabbits Spooky and Scully.  Ok, carry on, world.)

Ohhhhhh, okay, disregard the post in which I said I never had any problems bathing my rabbit and that it was fine. This is important.
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I am historically minded. Middle-earth is not an imaginary world.
J.R.R Tolkien, 1956 (via holyfucksupernatural)
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"The Kiss 3", Intaglio print (Tiefdruck) by Boris Schmitz, 2014
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I’ve always loved this pic. 

I find this is what I would utterly adore more than anything in the world, in this very moment.
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